Featured: Anna + Patrick's Wedding on Carats & Cake

This wedding is near and dear to my heart, not only because this couple selected the same venue that my husband and I got married in, but that they also have become very close friends. We hit it off at our first meeting (even though Patrick wasn't 100% sold on the benefit of a wedding planner), but we quickly changed that! We all worked together on all the design and fun details and ultimately, their dream wedding happened without one hiccup. We are so happy to share that it has been featured over on Carats & Cake!

From the save the dates that were a similar replica from my wedding, to the incredible gourmet burgers that were prepared to perfection for each guest, this wedding was top notch. Tainted Love performed to an energetic crowd, and the night just felt magical. We are so happy to see it featured!

A big thanks to all the vendors that made it happen: